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What We do...

The Bench's professional advisors assure that our clients income and expenses are properly accounted for and that their financial assets are safeguarded. We offer a full range of business management services to meet our athletic clients' specific personal, professional and financial needs.
Some of these services are:

  • Pre-contract Tax Consultation

  • Financial Planning and Consultation

  • Financial Advice for Family Members

  • Licensing Agreement Audits

  • Budget Preparation

  • Income Collection

  • Bill Payment

  • Capital Preservation

  • Record Keeping

  • Financial Reporting

  • Federal and State Tax Planning & Preparation

  • International Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Business Acquisition Reviews

Individual Attention:

Individual attention is top priority with a unique focus on opportunities

Primary goal is the clients individual goals created specifically for each player unlike traditional agencies.

Through frequent communication with our clients and their family, we formulate individual strategies tailored to each player's unique talents, goals and vision.



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